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【 Product Name 】
JELLO. tea infusing glass for cold brew

【 Product Description 】
-Tailored for cold brew: healthier with better taste
JELLO is a tea brew container as well as a daily drinking glass.
Air-pressure sealed high-borosilicate glass with up to 80 mL tea container separating tea leaves from water;
Perfect for cold brewing any kind of whole leaf tea. 

【 Product Specification】
.Dimension: 8 × 9.3 × 12.5 cm
.Weight:200 g
.Material:High borosilicate glass, Food grade silicone rubber
.Include:High borosilicate glass beaker x1,Silicone rubber Cap (with filter) x1

【 Maintenance 】
.Hand wash carefully. Be aware of sharp edges in case of broken.

【 Origin 】
.Design in Hong Kong
.Made in China



【 Remarks 】
*1. Trademark & Packaging:The current batch would still be under the trademark of Tea Lab®. However, once the stock is out, we will continue with our new trademark of "Simple Lab Experience".