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Christmas Special Edition in Marble pattern
Limited-time FREE shipping service for Taiwan, Macau, HK, and China Mainland


What's included: 
. AIRO glass tea brewing set X1
. RINBO glass water bottle (volume: 280 mL)
. Instruction card
. Premium gift box
. Christmas wrapping + ribbon

【Product detail】:
AIRO air-lock magic brewer:
Lift the upper brewer a bit, the ready-brewed tea will drip down to the lower glass automatically. 
Rest the upper brewer aside on top of the bamboo lid for another refill, and enjoy your tea!
Air-lock: No complicated switch, or spring mechanism, the magical atmosphere pressure takes over all the jobs. 
★ Easy brewing: Simply place the upper brewer on top of the lower glass, press a bit to secure air-locking, and you are ready to go.
★ Easy cleaning: Zero-dead-corner design. 
★ Compatibility: The upper brewer is compatible with most of the cups/mugs. Try it with your own favorite one.

RINBO leak-proof glass bottle:
★ One-push lock/open: The thread-free design provides a revolutionary lock/open solution within a breath.
★ Smart lock: The perfect combination of material, structure & air pressure ensures the water bottle securely locks the liquid inside no matter it’s hot or cold, alkaline or acidic.
★ Heat-proof sleeve: RINBO comes with a sleeve made of premium felt, offering extra protection for hot drinks.
★ Zero dead corners: Thanks to the wide-open mouth, it’s super easy cleaning.
Quality material: Premium high borosilicate glass is regarded as the best material of drinking ware for its superior thermal and chemical stability as well as its crystal clear texture.
Uniqueness: Food grade silicone rubber with unique marble texture makes every single piece a limited edition.
Comfort gripping size: With a diameter of 6.5 cm only, RINBO could be comfortably held in one hand.
★ Ergonomic design: The inward-folded rim fits comfortably with the lips, ensuring a smooth drinking experience.

Premium combo set in Marble pattern -AIRO x RINBO-S

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